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          FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd (As ¡°FarmaSino¡±) is one of the key subsidiaries of HIGH HOPE¡¡International Group , which is one of the largest companies in the "China Top 500¡±.It is mainly¡¡engaged¡¡in the R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution of Finished Drugs, Bulk Pharmaceutic
          als, and Intermediates&Chemicals. Its commodities are being exported to more than 60 countries and regions in¡¡the world, trusted¡¡by customers from the globe.

          FarmaSino¡¡is an¡¡excellent¡¡company¡¡involved in many fields, and has improved its¡¡management by¡¡ISO9001 and¡¡endeavored¡¡to approach international¡¡advanced¡¡level¡¡all the¡¡time .¡¡Since¡¡it¡¡was¡¡founded, FarmaSino has constantly devoted¡¡to establishing business innovation, industrialization and branding.¡¡Based on its business,¡¡FarmaSino¡¡has built its own manufacture plants for Finished Drugs, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, and Intermediates & Chemicals . Also FarmaSino has established a R&D Centre which possesses advanced equipments and experienced experts.

          FarmaSino¡¡has constantly emphasized¡¡that the core of its¡¡business is to establish¡¡the strategic¡¡alliance partnerships with both up-and-down-stream customers all over the world. Therefore FarmaSino has achieved high reputation in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals , agrochemicals and veterinary by offering top quality and personalized services to our customers.

          "Clients’¡¡satisfaction is our responsibility”,¡¡FarmaSino should¡¡be your best¡¡partner in¡¡Pharmaceutical and Chemicals business.

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