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          Brand building

          Building a good company¡¡brand is the core¡¡competition of¡¡maintaining¡¡sustained¡¡development of corporation , setting the product value system and holding the loyalty relationship between customers and us.

          Building a good company brand is the development strategy of our company.¡¡From the initial stage of founding, we have emphasized on building brand,¡¡application and registered our own trademark and brand ,¡¡including¡¡company LOGO and brands for bulk¡¡pharmaceuticals,¡¡intermediates and finished drugs. By setting our own brand , FarmaSino¡¡has achieved high¡¡reputation and trust¡¡in the field of pharmaceuticals , chemicals,¡¡agrochemicals and veterinary¡¡by offering top quality¡¡and personalized services to our customers.

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