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          FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals
          FarmaSino Chemicals
          ¡¡¡¡Research Centre
          ¡¡¡¡Analysis Centre
          Shanghai Warehouse

          FarmaSino¡¡Pharmaceuticals,¡¡established¡¡in 2005, has become a¡¡successful¡¡Pharmaceutical company specialized in manufacturing API & Intermediate.

          FarmaSino¡¡Pharmaceuticals¡¡is an¡¡ISO-9001 ,¡¡ISO-14001¡¡and OHSAS18001 certified¡¡company¡¡with manufacturing practice which conforms to GMP practice.

          The accumulation of experience of manufacturing a relatively wide range of API & Intermediate has made it possible for FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals to be involved in customer manufacturing for various customers in and abroad.

          FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals¡¡is planning to begin business in regulatory market both in API & Formulation. The registration of¡¡DMF & COS for¡¡certain¡¡API and the¡¡construction of Formulation workshop is on the process.

          ¡ñ Floor area 35000 M2, building area 8000 M2
          ¡ñ 1 API Workshop, 3 Fine chemicals Workshop
          ¡ñ Devices & reactors of various sizes are capable of producing from grams to tons of API & Intermediate.
          ¡ñ Over 1000 MTs manufacturing capacity per year.
          ¡ñ Professional R & D team, skilled work team

          For more information, please visit Http://www.xhwcq.com.cn.

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