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          FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals
          FarmaSino Chemicals
          ¡¡¡¡Research Centre
          ¡¡¡¡Analysis Centre
          Shanghai Warehouse
          Founded in 2006 , FarmaSino Chemicals¡¡which is one of holding companies of FarmaSino, is an enterprise mainly¡¡manufacturing basic¡¡chemicals ,¡¡such as¡¡Trimethyl¡¡benzene,¡¡DMF,¡¡Triethyl Orthoformate. The production capability of DMF , Triethyl Orthofor
          mate is over ten thousand MT per year , which strongly extended and supported the business line of chemical distributing. With the market requitement , FarmaSino Chemicals will start to manufact-
          ure agrochemicals and dye chemicals in the near future.

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