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          Analysis Centre
          The Analysis Centre, which is located in FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals, which is mainly responsible for the testing and analyzing of different products during R&D, distribution and manufacturing. It covers about 500 M2 and is equipped¡¡with A full range of advanced¡¡instruments including LC-MS, HPLC, GC, UV, IR etc. ¡¡There are four departments:¡¡physical & chemical¡¡analysis department,¡¡common¡¡instruments department, precise instruments department and microbial testing department, which help to carry out the testing and¡¡analysis for the process of¡¡chemical synthesis,¡¡qualitative and quantitative analysis and structure analysis of new compound.¡¡Also the Analysis¡¡Centre can complete quality analysis and standard¡¡establishment¡¡of intermediates,¡¡APIs and finished drugs.¡¡It always pursuits the idea¡¡of "Quality first, Customers first"¡¡and provides the equitable,¡¡scientific,¡¡reliable and accurate¡¡analysis methods and results to ensure the quality of products and rapidly development of FarmaSino.
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