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          Shanghai Warehouse

          The¡¡Shanghai¡¡Warehouse ,¡¡covering¡¡an¡¡area¡¡of¡¡30000¡¡M2, established¡¡in 1998 , is one of the key subsidiaries of¡¡FarmaSino, which is¡¡located in¡¡the international¡¡transportation and¡¡logistics center of¡¡Shanghai-Baoshan¡¡District , ¡¡and it is one¡¡of the three warehouses ¡¡that can store dangerous Chemicals in Baoshan area. At present , Shanghai Warehouse owns 23 rooms in 9 buildings that covers an area¡¡of nearly 8000 M2 and another 5 sheds that covers an area of 5000 M2, and 7 forklifts as well. Also it is equipped with a complete¡¡fire safety¡¡facility and has¡¡a professional¡¡management team to ensure the safety of storing materials.

          As the warehouse¡¡of dangerous chemicals,¡¡Shanghai Warehouse has the complete¡¡qualifications and¡¡approval procedures.¡¡It has been engaged in transmit,¡¡storage¡¡business of dangerous goods for a long time. It is one¡¡of the companies that involved in the field of¡¡storage ,¡¡transmit,¡¡loading and unloading¡¡containers¡¡of the international dangerous goods in the early time in shanghai. Currently¡¡the¡¡Shanghai¡¡Warehouse is¡¡mainly¡¡engaged in¡¡the business¡¡of loading¡¡and unloading¡¡containers and¡¡storage as a supplement. The annual production¡¡capacity is about 5000 ~ 6000 FCLs and the warehouse cargo is about 100,000 tons a year.  
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